Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Watershed NY (working title)

Thirty Six Frames and NY Stills and Motion are in early production of a small documentary on watershed in New York State and how it along with other factors affect our drinking and fresh water systems. Pollution, human interaction, human neglect, drought, so on and so on are some of the many reasons for the disappearance and unsafe quality of water here in NY state and around the globe. We will focus on New York mainly, filming a great deal in the up-state region, more specifically the Catskill Mountains. Keep checking back for updates with webpages, photos and video samples to come. Thanks.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harvest Wind Acres Oct. 2008

         Trucks packed and after a not so great NYC bagel we hit the ny state thruway and head north for the trees. Everything is set, wine in the back, beers in the back, cameras and hoodies in the back, sex and the city on dvd...set. Now all we need to do is get there and get out. 

Walk the property. Just looking seeing things snap here or there, just relaxing for a few. The land was perfect, the creek ran a bit deeper and traces of little flash floods were definitely visible. She sets the place up, kicks back on the hammock and watches colors change and fires glow. A nice brisk kind of weekend, exactly what I needed. It ends too soon always, driving home to stop and go and work and repeats, they are down that highway. 

-songs fly south for winter. 

clouds cover their backs. 

foothills and valleys change

shadows. oranges, pinks, reds flow over. 

quilted touches of octobers presence. 

a cool feeling of natures bliss. 

maybe more to come not too sure yet. peace and love. 

view all the images from the weekend at


Thursday, October 2, 2008

7/27/07 Big Sur

This trip this story this word starts with any journey to the “Sur”, a bottle of red, merlot for me, a sweet cab for Dwayne. After the tent is spread and the brie and baguette are consumed the last sips of grapes bring it all in. Fresh smells in the air and the sunset ocean fog sits on the edge waiting for invitations from the waiting foothills. The pillowy grey never makes it past the coast highway.

 Nepenthe for chit chat and cocktails. Words of amusement stir from the wealthy, or pretending to be wealthy, travelers who stop to impress significant others in the way they slide credit cards across tables. 

Dwayne and I sit and listen sit and wonder sit and talk. We make way for the bar where conversation sparks with Peter Demas, and old fellow with a laugh to hand out. Jack and coke at this point and three more later brings the laughs even brighter. Out of all this false chatter and false beings, nepenthe has always brought out a good time with somebody.


-there will be a series of Big Sur posts, in no particular order, from my travels to the extraordinary place of peace. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Harvest Wind Acres

Me and the lady will be traveling to my families land in upstate NY this weekend. I'm looking forward to spending some time in the woods capturing the colors and listening to the silence. Living in Brooklyn gets overwhelming at times with the sirens and horns and the crazies upstairs. Just some writing and shooting and a glass of red wine is exactly what I need. Its also my 24th birthday and instead of going out and partying it up in the city that never sleeps I have decided to go north in the trees to gain that sleep and smell that fresh air. The holga will be joining me and I'll post the images as soon as they are exposed. Hopefully this time I will actually develop the film. I have tendencies of shooting like a mad man and leaving the the rolls around for ornaments in my camera bags. 
"shoot to kill" 

Autumn in New York City

The fall has arrived and rain drops are common this time of year. The leaves descend from trees and children begin to run for busses. Photographs are mad with warm and colorful light splashing the lens, these images are captured and held close to remind of the fleeting seasons. 

Enjoy the scenes outside and take a glance at the pictures I have created for eyes of everyone.